Make S'Mores More Interesting

Before it gets to chilly gather around a campfire & make some delicious s'mores!

Our basic s'mores ingredients is marshmallows, chocolate, & graham crackers:

But there are ways of making it more exciting!

Like using turkish pistachio in your chocolate. 

Chocolate with almonds is always a hit.

Or use pumpkin seeds & cranberries for a PB&J feel.

If you eat chocolate covered raisins at the movie theater than why not add raisins to your s'mores too?

You can also add in coconut chips inside the s'mores for a tropical taste. 

Or add peanut butter too, this is a recipe for roasted cashew peanut butter- its really good & easy to make at home. Add it to your s'mores for a creamier taste!

Enjoy the s'mores everyone!